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Choosing between carpets and flooring

Choosing between carpets and flooring

The industry of fashion and design is ever evolving, and so is the flooring industry. Every day new flooring designs are coming up making it quite a task to select between your favorite carpet and flooring designs coming up in the market. It is still possible to have the two in place interchangeably, it’s only that you won’t be able to remove your flooring.

But to make it easier for your budget, you may decide between the two which is the best. For instance, if you have an elegant solid hardwood flooring, it wouldn’t sound reasonable to cover the floor again in a carpet, unless you are covering only places that are frequently stepped on such as living room. Likewise, if you have a flooring that’s not quite attractive and you feel the budget of upgrading it is not good for your pocket, you may decide to switch to using a carpet.

Actually the debate between carpets and flooring could go on and on endlessly without a keen look into each and where it is most suitable. The following is a look into each.


The only best option for flooring living room, hallway, kitchen and bedroom for many years has always been wood, preferably hardwood. Hardwood floors are durable and can be refinished countless number of times to revitalize their looks. The quality of air in a room that has been floored by hardwood is also good. You also get a wide variety of designs, styles, colors and finishes for your flooring.

With a hardwood flooring, it is also easier to spot crumbs, hairs, spillages and debris. Cleaning is also much easier as it involves either sweeping or wiping the floor depending on the nature of the dirt. This makes them suitable for people with allergic disorders associated with dust or other debris.

However, the problem with it is that they need regular sweeping and cleaning with vacuum cleaners to leave them free from debris that make the floor uncomfortable to step on barefoot.


Carpet is a good option and is still the number one option for floor covering for quite a number of reasons. It is much faster, cheaper and easier to install than wood flooring. Its cleaning is not done frequently as in the case of wood flooring.  Vacuum cleaning a carpet can be done at least once in a week for a family of four.

It is quiet, and gives the floor a warm feeling the first step you make from bed in the morning, especially during the cold winters. It is available in more patterns and colors as compared to the wood flooring, even though it does not last longer.

If not cleaned for a while, spills and other dirt can clump up to produce filthy smell. Some types of carpets are also associated with volatile organic compounds, though newer productions are upgraded to reduce the VOCs.

A closer look at both carpets and flooring merits and demerits will certainly offer ideas on which one best suits your needs.