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Traditional persian style rugs to adorn your home with.

Traditional persian style rugs to adorn your home with.

Persian style rugs (Qaleen or farsh in Persian, meaning “to spread”) commonly known as Persian carpets are a piece of thick, heavy woven material made in Iran (formerly known as Persia, hence the name). Carpet weaving skill of the Persian are an essential part of Iranian culture making Iran world’s largest producer and exporter of handmade carpets. These rugs are a symbol of rich art and cultural values. With its array of intricate designs and elaborated yet minute detailing, Persian style rugs maybe the best traditional thing that happened to your home.

Made for a variety of different utilitarian purposes, here are some renowned Persian style rugs’ types to choose from:

  • The flat wooven rugs: Flat tapestry wooven persian style rugs like:
  1. ‘Kilim’ are used purely for adornment. They can also be used as prayer mats as in Islamic culture. These rugs are not as lasting as pile wooven rugs and are relatively cheaper because of the absence of a pile but are popular for decorative purpose in homes due to their elaborate, fine detailing and smooth textures.
  2. ‘Soumak’ is also a flat wooven type of rug but is more long lasting than a kilim. It is used as bedding, bags and domestic decorative rugs.
  • Suzani:

Suzani is an ornamental fabric which was traditionally used by central Asian people to give to their brides in dowry.  It’s a unique type of embroidered textile with silk threads in a cotton base made with chain, buttonhole or satin stitches. Usually used as a precious cloth, it can be used to decorate homes.

  • The pile carpets:

Carpets or rugs that have a pile and a backing to maintain their structures are relatively more durable than flat woven rugs or suzanis. And hence can be used for floor covering and wall to wall covering in your home without ruining their beauty. A traditional rug with exquisite designs for your flooring can give a serene and elegant touch to your home. Also, a vintage look for your home in a modern setting is chic too. An important type of unique hand woven pile rug is the Gabbeh rug. Very raw and basic, gabbeh rugs are usually seen with geometric shapes and colorful patterns.

These Persian style rugs are a part of the rich Persian culture and it’s manifold symbolical essence gives it the delicacy it needs to flaunt it’s beauty in a modern everyday Western house hold.