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Bring your heritage to life with
antique  armchairs

Bring your heritage to life with antique  armchairs

Antiques can add personality, energy and texture to any decor. A living room with modern or contemporary design can benefit with a few antique pieces. The old antiques pieces with bold carving and rolled arms can enhance the new furniture. If you have a living room with stylish antique furniture than a console table with ornate legs can highlight the setting.

Large Mahogany Armchairs to add a Touch of Style

Antique armchair belongs to the mid-19th century and is hand crafted. They have molded mahogany frames, rolled arms, well-shaped legs and are upholstered in floral prints. The legs have brass castors which are original of the times which make it easy to move the chairs around in the living room.

The well-padded rolled arms make it comfortable for seating and relaxing in style. They have a high back which provides good support to relax with a book for in the evenings and read. These chairs are built of quality wood which lasts for years and needs to be given a wood finish once in 15 – 20 years.

Benefits of Antique Armchairs

Antique Armchairs have been around for a while and are lasting since they have been hand crafted of quality wood. Designing your living room with antique furniture will bring history into your living room. This furniture is eco-friendly since it can be recycled.

Antiques are heirlooms from the past which are associated with etiquette, extravagancies and hardships of an era gone by.  Those which are inherited by you from your ancestors associate you with your heritage.

Antique Armchairs Associating Past with the Present

Antique furniture is of the time when there was no machinery that was used in the making of furniture.  Most of the antique furniture that you come across today is hand crafted. It was built for comfort with beautifully shaped arms and legs. Some of the furniture has cane weaving for the seat and back which lasts for a number of years.

Most of the antique furniture came from France and UK with broad well-padded seat and high back that provided comfort while you sat and relaxed.

If you are interested in antique armchair buy it at any of the stores selling antique furniture and it will last for many years.