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Outdoor wall art

Outdoor wall art

Outdoor Wall art:

Outdoor wall art or exterior wall decoration adds sophistication and style to your outdoor living space such as a garden or patio. It comprises of, but is not limited to external wall paintings, picture art frames, plaques, tiles and fitted accessories such as clocks or fancy lantern lights. These outdoor wall art adds color and texture to an otherwise dull and drab wall. They typically consist of crisp, graphic elements or high definition printing in order to create a pleasing effect to the eye. Also they are finished with an all-weather coating and water proof paint to help resist during wear and tear which reduces fading and provides a lifetime of enjoyment to the visual senses. Sometimes they also create an illusion of more dimension and an extended sense of space in the outdoor area.

Simple ideas to create an outdoor wall art:

One doesn’t have to be an arts graduate in order to create amazing outdoor wall art. All it requires is some patience and lots of creative ideas to come up with some wonderful ways to spruce up boring outdoor walls.  A sheet of plywood and some bright colored paint can change the look of your garden wall in seconds. Left over pieces of decorative Moroccon tiles can also be added to give it a more Middle Eastern look. Graffiti with letterings can be drawn using stenciled spray paints and can be covered with a  layer of moss to give it a natural look.