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Natural wooden look with wood tile floor

Natural wooden look with wood tile floor

Wood tile floor has become the most popular style of flooring in the modern designed homes and offices and homes. These are the tiles that originally are not wooden in texture but they just seem like a wooden floor. Usually porcelain tiles that resembles the natural wood a lot are used to make this wood tile floor.

Different size of pieces or planks are used to make this wood tile floor, the shapes of the tile should be rectangular. The positive aspect of these wood tiles is that they are less costly than original wooden flooring though they give the same impression like a wooden floor. There is a large variety available in these wood tile floor, each type has its own look and benefits. Let us have a look at few of them.



The most commonly used type of wood tile flooring is the one called ‘golden saddle’. This type of tiles are floored mostly in bathroom. Here a porcelain wood looking tile of size 6×24 is used which resembles same like a wooden floor. They are easy to clean and maintaining their quality is not a big problem. A normal eye (not an expert one) can never differentiate between this porcelain tile and an original wood.


Here we are available with a special wood tile floor that gives a look of walnut finished bamboo tile flooring. This style of flooring is perfect for the kitchen as the bamboo finish wood tile floor is cost and eco- friendly. They are easy to maintain and dampness Here resistant. Cleaning this kind of flooring is quite easy and with their classy bamboo look they reflect a precious look though they are actually not.


To get a classic interior of a bedroom with in budgets is only possible if we design the bedroom interior with this wood tile floor. The wood tile flooring is available in a polished and refined wood tiles that give the impression of espresso finished tile floor. This style of flooring goes perfect with the dark wood furniture and a complete natural look is emitted by the floor.


  • It is suggested that these wood tiles should be bought after thorough consideration as these are something of long term use and cannot be changed after some time.
  • Only the best quality tiles should be bought because saving a little money on costs will not pay you in long run.
  • For this wood tile floor, a floor to ceiling tiles look imparts a better impression than just a floor or half wall tiles style.