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Your grey sofa can be made anew with
a  gray finish

Your grey sofa can be made anew with a  gray finish

Your grey sofa can wear a new look with a fine touch of the gray color. Sofas are finished with different colors and patterns. The gray finish is one exception and a lovely finish that suits virtually any home style. If your home needs a new design style for sofas, you will fancy having it in gray. Though Gray is not a primary color but it’s quite unique in its neutral nature as it can go with many design styles in the living room.

Gray sofas can be grouped into two visible colors of light and dark.

Light gray

The light gray is the widely used variant of the gray color. Its ash tone gives that cool and adorable touch to home interior décor. As a matter of fact, this is the variant that is the primary gray color known to many people. The color is very good on products generally.

Dark gray

The dark gray is the other variant you’ll find on sofas. Though also used for sofa designs, it’s not as common like the light gray counterpart.

Fabric for gray sofas

A Gray sofa is cool on soft fabrics such as cotton and wool. The smoothness that these fabrics present gives more attractiveness to the gray finish on them. You can have your loveseat, single sofa and the sectionals in the cool gray finish for your home.

The modern designs are a combination of both the light and dark gray colors that are quite lovely too. You’ll find a distinct dark pattern for some sofas and the light variant in others.

The leather is another design material that is cool in the gray color. The cool nature of leather coupled with that of gray makes a right combination for a gray sofa for your living room.

For your living room, you can have the wall painted in light or dark gray and then go for a sofa of the other variant to give a good match and style that would still not be odd but lovely and cool.

Finally, the easiest way to make your grey sofa coming back to life is to adorn them in lovely gray slipcovers.