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Some information about berber carpets

Some information about berber carpets

The term Berber may be new to you. Berber is actually group of people native to North Africa. Berbers are famous for their work in arts and crafts. Conventionally men were responsible for care of their animals while women participate in handicraft activities. Linkage with livestock provided them with uninterrupted supply of fabric and wool. Even today many indigenous North African earn their bread and butter from Berber carpet industry. Tourist find a great interest in these culturally designed carpets and are a great source of income for carpet weavers.

Berber carpets

Berber carpets are one of the signature style products of Berbers. The name is attributed to these carpets as Berber people used to weave it with their own hands. As with evolution of trends and fashion carpet industry has also revolutionized the style and pattern. Today modern industrialized Berber carpets complement the modern theme well.

Pattern of modern Berber carpets

The conventional carpets contain subtle shades and tones giving it a raw appearance.  Modern Berber carpet has kept this feature alive. Using lighter shades for base and tiny patches of dark colors is a key feature of modern carpets. Nowadays you can have modern Berber carpets in a range of fabrics and materials. However Mergoum which is another name of Tunisian Berber carpets is still to be believed in holding cultural and conventional authentic weaving methods.

Uses of Berber carpets

Berber carpets are extensively used for areas exposed to greater human traffic because it is long lasting and durable. You can find them in school, offices and other public places easily. In terms of pricing it is inexpensive than hand woven carpets. Since pure Berber carpets are exclusively wool woven and no chemically manufactured material or fabric is used it is highly demanded by people who are allergic to synthetic products. Stain resistance is another additional feature which contributes to its increasing sales.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of Berber carpets is not convenient and handy. Services professional carpet cleaner are required to keep the color and pattern intact. Cleaning of carpet largely depends upon the base material. Olefin which is most widely used material for carpets is normally cleaned by dry cleaning. Using conventional and old methods of cleaning such as steam cleaning can aggravate blemishes instead of giving a neat and tidy look. It will need further treatments to recover the patterns