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How to choose bedroom area rugs

How to choose bedroom area rugs

Bedroom area rugs add a point of interest in your room. Bedroom area rugs give you a soft landing for your feet, a warmer surface to walk when you get out of your bed and add texture, color and personality to your bedroom.  Apart from adding softness, warmth and beauty to a bedroom, bedroom area rugs are also remarkable for breaking up space and forming a room.

Here are some of the things you should consider for finding the perfect bedroom area rug.

Consider Placement

First, you need to consider the placement in your bedroom and decide where you want to put it. For those having larger bedrooms the space for a desk, seating area, or a vanity table, area rugs can delimit those spaces satisfactorily. For those having smaller bedrooms, you cannot fit anything much more than a bed, a large rug for the area around and beneath the bed will look best.

Choose the perfect Size

Next, you will need to choose the rug size. If you’ve decided where you want to place the area rug then measure the length and breadth of that space and note it down. If you have decided to put a rug for the area around and beneath your bed then measure the size of the bed along with any additional length and breadth which you want to expand around the bed.

Think about the Style

Now think over your personal taste and style. First, take a look at the styles and colors you already have in your room. If there are a lot of solid colors, then a rug with a pattern design or a bit of more color will just add a point of in your bedroom perfectly. If you already have a bedroom with lots of busy patterns and colors, then a solid color bedroom area rug will look better. For matching your mood you can select your sheets, wall color, duvet cover, and all other decorative accessories to match the pattern and colors in the rug for a designer look.

Set your Budget

Finally, you need to decide how much you want to spend. The cheapest area rugs are made by machine using synthetic or cotton materials, whereas the costliest rugs are hand-made using the finest quality materials, like silk and wool. Area rug ranges from $600 to $1200 depending on the quality.