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How to design a country kitchen:

How to design a country kitchen:

What is a country kitchen:-

Country kitchen is a term that not many maybe familiar with. It is basically used to describe an enormous kitchen, that is light, lively, breezy and welcoming with large and spacious areas. It is possible to place a table within the kitchen itself and does not require a separate room for the same. It gives an old, comforting, farm feeling to it. It is usually decorated on the lines of a rural and countryside setting. The biggest misconception floating around is that a country kitchen would most likely be ugly with pale, dull colored wallpapers and flimsy storage areas. But that is far from true.

Creating an inviting country kitchen:

Irrespective of whether you want to remodel and existing kitchen layout or recreate a new one from scratch, designing a country life based kitchen will be most rewarding. The priority here is to use natural cloth and fabrics. The farming practices of historical places are printed on to the table mats and sheets. The furniture including the cabinets, tables, chairs and storage drawers are usually made of wood. The back of the chairs are usually carved with intricate details of ancient patterns.  Best suited would be pine and oak wood as they have a rustic appearance. Besides, the sink is commonly made of stainless steel or granite. This adds an old-world charm to the functionality. The accessories used can have wooden handles and steel lids. Therefore, it’s quite easy to create and maintain a country kitchen and at the same time pay tribute to the golden era.