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Using tips for buying bathroom rug

Using tips for buying bathroom rug

If you are planning to upgrade your bathroom, then apart from the vanities, faucets and sinks, one of the other most important things to consider is buying a good bathroom rug. The not only enhance the looks of your bathroom, but also improve the comfort and safety of your bathrooms. However, bathroom rugs are different from the rugs you use in other rooms of your home. Go through this article to know more about buying a good bathroom rug.

Let us first have a look at different types of bathroom rugs or different terms that simply mean a bathroom rug.

Types of Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs come in many different colors, patterns and materials. Apart from standard rugs, bath mats that are generally used near the shower area or near the bath tub to soak the water and protect the flooring from any kind of damage are also a type of bathroom rugs. Then there are contour rugs that fit on floors, base of toilet and other areas of the bathroom to provide enhanced softness underfoot. Toilet covers that are generally used to cove lid of toilet to protect it from damage is also a type of bathroom rug.

Things you should keep in mind while buying a Bathroom Rug

-Construction- Bathroom rugs are constructed in two different methods- yardage method and tabletop method. In yardage method a bathroom rug is created just like a carpet in a large fabric which is then cut into smaller pieces. In tabletop method the fiber is directly sewn into the back of the rug. The bathroom rugs made from tabletop method are more durable from the ones created from yardage method.

-Material- Bathroom rugs are made from many different type of materials. Some of the most common ones are polyester, nylon and cotton. Cotton rugs are highly absorbent and comfortable but they can shrink in size when washed. Polyester and nylon rugs are highly durable and are ideal for bathrooms that receive high traffic.

-Washability and Color-Also make sure that you pick a bathroom rug that is easy to clean and maintain, preferably machine washable. Color also plays an important role and should be in accordance with the interiors of the bathroom. You can either go for single tone rugs if you have a traditional layout or bright, multi-tone ones if you have a modern layout.

These important tips should eliminate all the hassles of buying a buying a bathroom rug and will help in narrowing down the choices for you.