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Creative garden shed ideas

Creative garden shed ideas

Personalize your garden space with creative garden shed ideas. More than decluttering your garden, garden sheds can make your garden grab the attention of the visitors. You can utilize these to create a comfortable working space amidst your prized plants.

  1. Shed of salvaged style

Barn-board siding and salvaged windows can give your garden shed an inspiring character. You can use your creativity and incorporate vintage window trim on the roof and exterior and transform the basic storage space into a garden attraction.

  1. Cottage charm

Include clapboard siding, windows with lace curtains, window boxes, weather vane and scalloped fascia to create a tool shed to match the surroundings of your cottage garden. This will make your shed the focal point of your garden.

  1. Look for every angle

Consider all possible ways for incorporating a garden shed into your landscape. You can add a steeply pitched roofline on a garden shed which can mimic a birdhouse. You can even include a picket fence.

  1. Overarching antiquity

To add an antique feel to your garden shed, you can include gothic arched windows. Hanging planters and stamped-metal roofing on the fence create an inspiring look. You can even include a row of boxwoods to define the entry into the garden.

  1. Rustic retreat

Random-width pine siding, a durable metal roof and a peeled hemlock porch column can convert your garden shed into a rustic retreat. The shed can be rested on a concrete block foundation and you can as well surround it with stone stacks for the look.