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A complete guide to black rugs

A complete guide to black rugs

If you are looking to buy a rug for any part of your house and are fixated on buying it in the tones of black, this guide is here to help you out. Right from some important tips to different types of fibers you can choose from, everything will be talked about in this article.

First, let us have a look at some of the tips that will ease up your black rug buying process.

Are you sure that black rug will look in the room?

The first question that you need to ask yourself is whether a black rug will look good in your room. For determining this, think about the color of your room, furniture, etc. to ensure that black will indeed a perfect choice for the room.

What about the traffic of the room?

The next thing you need to think about is the amount of traffic the room gets. If the room receives a healthy amount of traffic throughout the day, it is better to go for a black rug that is made from wool, sisal or jute as these materials are sturdier than the others. Moreover, also remember if you have kids or pets in your home.

How much money are you willing to spend on the rug?

Rugs that are made by machine are not as expensive as the ones that are made by hand. Black rugs made from sisal or cotton is not as expensive as the ones made from wool, but they are not as durable as the woolen ones. No matter what your budget is, you will get some amazing options in every price range.

While there are also some other things that you should keep in mind before heading out for buying a black rug, the above mentioned ones will surely give you a headstart.

Now let us talk about the fiber.

Different Types of Black Rug Fibers

  • Wool- One of the oldest and most famous material used for making rugs is wool. It is highly durable, soft, generally thicker and much more expensive than the rugs made from other types of fibers. Also remember that the black rugs made from wool also need professional maintenance at regular intervals.
  • Jute and Sisal- While jute is soft, sisal is more durable. While they are not as soft as the ones made from wool, they do have a distinctive texture to them which will surely enhance the appearance of any room. However, black rugs made from sisal and jute should be well-protected from moisture.
  • Cotton- Soft, sturdy and affordable, cotton is the most preferred fiber for most buyers. As it can be dyed easily, cotton rugs are available in many attractive colors. Also, many of the black rugs made from cotton can be washed in washing machine.

Use the above mentioned information while buying a black rug to avoid any kind f confusion and get yourself a rug that perfectly complements your room.