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How to make your wicker patio furniture

How to make your wicker patio furniture last?

Outdoor wicker patio furniture requires special care. If not cared appropriately, the natural wicker can deteriorate under the influence of moisture and sunlight. If you want your wicker furniture to last long, then make sure you have them finished or coated. If you’re looking for durability, then you need to opt for wicker furniture than is made of synthetic wicker. However, caring for your furniture can add several years to your furniture life.

Natural wicker must be kept away from external elements

Natural wicker can quickly dry out if kept under direct sunlight. The natural moisture gets sapped out of the wicker fibres. These as well rot if exposed to too much moisture. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or vacuum cleaner and placing the furniture in a protected space can make these last for long.

Utilize furniture made of durable materials

Wicker patio furniture made of resin, acrylic and PVC are suitable for outdoor use. These are more resistant to the external factors and are the best options for use on decks and uncovered patios. Many high-end wicker furniture come coated with UV coatings which prevent them from damage and also doesn’t let them fade.

Follow proper cleaning regimen

Wicker patio furniture must be cleaned appropriately. It is vital to remove the grime and dirt that gets accumulated in the weave. Most of the dirt can be removed with a strong blast with a hose. You can as well utilize cleansers. Make use of warm water and a fibre brush or cloth for removing stains.