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4 Simple Landscaping Ideas for a Dazzling

4 Simple Landscaping Ideas for a Dazzling Yard

Your home garden or yard is simply a reflection of your personality. But sometimes even when you are that caring and enthusiastic person, people can still misinterpret you by a look at your yard. Therefore, to make things right, you need landscaping ideas which are easy to comprehend and implement by yourself for a marvelous home garden. Here are a few landscaping ideas you’ll find useful to implement on your garden.

Landscape with bold colors

This is actually the easiest to implement. When designing your landscape, plant big strips of plants the same botanical family to obtain a bold and interesting view.  For instance, you may consider planting golden creeping Jenny masses and contrasting them with the blue fescue. When you plant in large numbers of plants with same color and texture, you create a perfect color scenery for your landscape.

Create repetitive patterns

When planting try to avoid creating hodgepodge looks. This can easily be achieved by reusing the same shapes, colors or even plant species. For instance, golden creeping Jenny will echo the golden sweet flag colors when used to the left of the deck.

Build bold contrasts

Creating contrasts is a fundamental practice in landscaping and one of the oldest landscaping ideas. Make contrasts using plants with contrasting colors. For instance, you can pair the rich burgundy purple together with the chartreuse. If properly done, the gold hues will appear brighter while the purple tones will seem darker and richer.

Incorporate non-plants

Most gardeners usually forget about non-plant landscaping materials while landscaping. Cut flagstones and the natural feel that lawns portray will create a charming contrast against gravel and the suave Mexican beach pebbles.