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Tips on choosing a mirror for your bathroom

Tips on choosing a mirror for your bathroom

Bathroom mirrors are unlike other mirrors that we use in our homes. Safety standards are strictly adhered to so that in the event of breakage, minimal accidents can occur since the bathroom is an area where you are very vulnerable, considering you are mostly naked.

This is why most, in fact all bathroom mirrors are made of tempered glass which when it breaks, will form circular shards instead of sharp shards. Outlined area few tips you can use when choosing a bathroom mirror.

-Safety first. When purchasing bathroom mirrors, look for the seal that shows whether the glass is labelled “tempered” or “safety”. Tempered glass, as mentioned earlier provides safety in the event that the glass gets broken. Safety glass on the other hand is a bit dangerous, and will likely not be placed close to the ground.

-The size of the mirror will depend on the available space you have for the mirror. You should thus measure the area where you want to place the mirror and get a mirror with the right height and width measurements. Also pay attention to the design that you would like, if it is going to be circular, square, oval or rectangle.

-Not to forget is the mounting style that the mirror will be installed with. This will depend on whether you want the mirror in your bathroom temporarily or permanently. Here is where a little research will be needed to ensure that the right tools are used for the installation of the mirror.