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Tips to How to Install Brick Patio in  Your Home

Tips to How to Install Brick Patio in Your Home

The brick patio is a refreshing outdoor enhancement to entertain your kids and family. They could be attractive site when neighbors come to your home. However, you should know few tricks to how to install brick patio in outdoors.

It is not enough to know the size, pavers pattern, and material. Here is some of the factor to consider before making a move.


Pavers have come in various patterns. Among them Basket Weave pavers, jack on jack bricks, and herringbone designs are favourite. Your choice of bricks would determine how much time you required finishing the work. Using lumber as border make the pavers contrast and attractive. Wood is easier to fix than other border materials.


Calculate the size, pattern and the number of bricks you needed for a patio. Also, estimate crushed stone that fills the bottom portion and gives stability to patio. Putting crave stone beneath the paver is mandatory. So make your choice.

Measure and Mark the Place:

Use wooden stake and string to mark the Bricks Patio area. It clearly distinguishes the area from other parts.

Dig the site.

Digging deeper could increase the bricks layers. Dig deeper if you want to put crushed stones beneath the pavers. Minimum eight inches deep is recommended for a solid base.

Border Installation:

After putting the gravel, use lumber to create the border. It holds up the shape and gives stability. Use the level and make sure the border edges installed in proper angle.

Final Remark:

Brick patio is excellent choices for entertain your family. Also, the brick patio can be a good chatty place when neighbors and relatives come to your home.