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Rugs and home make a good combination.

Rugs and home make a good combination.

Designing your home with wood panels and tiles often gives your home an empty, cold feeling. But thanks to rugs, the day is saved! Rugs play an important role in floor fashion and adds to the overall look of your home. Rugs and home make a good combo!

How is a rug different from carpets?

A rug is basically a loose laid floor covering or a carpet with a defined margin. A proper term used to turn a carpet into a rug with a specific material applied to the edges of it is known as ‘carpet binding’.

Why add a rug?

Do you think you need some affability in your house? Is it too gloomy? That’s probably because you don’t have a rug in you else’s perfectly decorated room. A rug makes a room feel cozy adding warmth to it.

Where to put a rug?

Keeping in mind that there are different qualities of rugs to choose from, go for a durable pile woven rug for the outdoor settings. It will give off a welcoming vibe to your house. You can put more delicate rugs indoors to give a certain depth to your home.

What should be the texture of the rug?

Rugs come in a diverse variety of textures, appearances and forms. If you are dubious of what type of rug to put in your home, you should question yourself this: Are you going to put it indoors or outdoors or on a wall? (Placing a very pricey rug outdoor can be a very bad idea. These rugs should be of a durable material, usually made of natural fibres like wool for a long lasting experience.

While indoors it can basically be any material as it is going to be kept in the cozy protection of your home). Is it going to get moisture? (If you place a rug that may get subjected to moisture, you should opt for a rug with synthetic fibres like acrylic). And lastly what feel do you want your rug to give? (Synthetic fibres like nylon and acrylic maybe durable but a natural fibre rug will give a smoother feel)

Define your area with a rug:

Give a definition to your house by adding an area rug in your home interior. Adding a rug in the centre of a living room can give a modern edge to your home. Rugs and home complement each other. Without a doubt, a rug can be an essential part of your home decor.