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Features of butcher block table

Features of butcher block table

Cooking is a very enjoyable activity which gives you a sense of completeness and achievement as the self-made dishes are more delicious and hygienic. The up-to-date kitchen equipment is a must if you really want to enjoy cooking in your modern kitchen.

One of the essential items is the butcher block table which serves the purpose of cooks who want to have convenience and comfort in the kitchen. The features which make the butcher block table your best choice are as under:

Durability and reliability:

A typical butcher block table is made from durable wood like walnut, ash, beech or teak. The block is made from the wood pieces glued together to strengthen the wood so as to prevent the wood pieces from splitting and breaking. Since the block table is supposed to be used for the cutting purposes, the surface is finished such as to prevent it from damaging.


The butcher block tables come with the convenience of rolling caster wheels. This ensures the portability if you want to commute the table from one place to another. As for instance, if you want to work near the electrical socket or with the electrical knife, you can easily move your modern looking block table wherever you feel like working.


The butcher block tables are not only practical but are convenient to maintain too. All you have to ensure is to avoid the growth of bacteria and it is possible through periodic cleaning. In most cases, the block can be washed under running water.