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How to clean laminated wood flooring?

How to clean laminated wood flooring?

Laminated floors can be cleaned easily with the correct mop. The following guide will help you to do the same quite effortlessly. Two prime requirements in this case would be the microfiber mop and the cleaning solution. Microfiber mop can help to easily clean the laminate floors. The Microfiber mop easily slides across the floor while collecting the pet hair as well as the dirt. The swivelling head makes it easier to cover larger areas while getting under the chairs and tables. They even require very less water which is very good as the laminated flooring shrink with exposure to water.

Utilize a cleaning solution

The Cleaning solution can be either from manufacturers or one can make it themselves. In either case, a spraying bottle has to be used to spray the solution onto the pad of the mop.

Instructions for cleaning laminated floors

Vacuum the laminated floor to suck the big particles or mop the same in dry state with the Microfiber mop.

Spray the Microfiber mop with cleaning solution after damping it with warm water.

Mop the floor with the Microfiber mop.

If the pad of the Microfiber mop gets dirty, then rinse it in warm water, spray the solution again and continue. This does not imply that one has to drag a bucket of warm water every time you are mopping the floor. A single mop can easily last for two or more rooms. Extra mop pads can help in these cases.

After mopping the floor, rinse and hang the microfiber pad out for drying.

In case the pad looks discoloured then put it in the washing machine after rinsing it completely.

Precautions to take while cleaning laminated floors

It is better to avoid cleaning the laminated floors with string mops as it will just take longer to clean and also leave you with streaky marks. It also requires lot of water to clean the laminated floors which can lead to cracks on the flooring due to the absorption of water by the flooring. The moisture can also warp the laminated flooring over a period of time. Hence, it is better to avoid sponge or string mop on laminated flooring.

While using vacuum to remove big particles, it is better to avoid the beater bar as it can scratch the laminated flooring. These scratches are quite obvious on high gloss surfaces under light. It is better to have extra two or more spare mop pads just in case while other is in wash.