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Taking care of your leather rug

Taking care of your leather rug

Rugs usually are bought as they add beauty to your room or house. However, leather rugs on the other hand not only add to the beauty but they also bring with them a sense of luxury which no other rugs will provide. Your room will automatically look classy and fabulous simple because of the presence of the leather.

Even though leather is good looking and a premium material, It is not as durable and can get damaged pretty easily. Any weight or sharp edges of furniture easily inflict scratches or even worse tear the leather apart. In addition to that, leather rugs aren’t firm as other rugs on the surface, and this could lead to accidents as many people have slipped because the rug came out of place resulting in serious injuries to people. However, all of these catastrophes can be avoided if you religiously follow these simple steps, if you follow them you will see that the life of your leather rug will significantly improve.

Protect your Leather Rug:

-First and foremost, whenever you are cleaning your leather rug don’t use any cleaning chemical or formulas as it will damage your rug and reduce its shininess. There are tons of dry cleaners available, and it is recommended to avail their services for the best result. If you don’t want to spend money, then use soap water and-and soft cloth to wipe it gently clean. An important to consider in this regard is that moisture may get absorbed by the leather so, in this case, covering the rug with towels will remove the moisture.

-If there is any inch of dirt or dust on your rug, the preferred option would be to shake the dust gently off the rug. Using the vacuum cleaner could lead to a damaged rug.

-Place your rug in an area or location where the least amount of foot traffic is expected. This will protect your rug from everyday wear and tear and make it last longer.

What to do

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on your leather rug it will get worn out because after all leather is organic and will succumb to everyday use and abuse. However, if you follow the steps as mentioned above to protect your leather rug, it is a guarantee that your rug will maintain its beauty and pride for years to come.