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Uses of plastic laminate

Uses of plastic laminate

Plastic laminates are made by using layers of paper. They can be used for a variety of purposes which includes both decorative and protective purposes. They are manufactured in a environment friendly way which is another important thing to consider about them.

Plastic laminates are available in many different styles. Some are more durable while some are more decorative. You can choose from a glossy finish that looks very stylish or a matte one which is mostly used for counter tops. Crystal, beaded and grainy textures are also available.. Whatever type of plastic laminate you use depends on the surface you are using it for. Some uses of plastic laminates are:


Plastic laminates are a very famous choice when it comes to table tops. They have been popularly used for laminating kitchen table and counter tops. Easier to maintain and long lasting, they should be your prime consideration. Instead of spending more money on wood or marble, this is a more economical option. Plastic laminates can also be used to decorate the surface of desks or coffee tables. Since these laminates are available in every color and a long range of designs, you can use them to style your desk according to what you want.


Just like table tops, cabinets can also be decorated using plastic laminates, primarily used for kitchen cabinets. There are a variety of designs to choose from. Cabinets in hospital labs can be used to cover with plastic laminates. Since there are different types of laminates available, for labs you should choose laminates with extra layers because that makes them more durable and resistant.


Again an economical choice, when it comes to flooring. Plastic laminates are esp. cially perfect for large commercial spaces. They are more resistant and will not wear out too soon. If your house’s floor is prone to spills and stains than plastic laminates are an excellent choice because they are stain resistant and you won’t have to go through the hassle of scrubbing the floors hard all the time. Another upside to plastic laminates is that you don’t need a professional to install these for you. It’s easy to install and you can do it all by yourself at home.


Plastic laminates are not commonly used for walls but they are a good consideration because they offer strength and durability and your walls will be easier to clean.