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Large kitchen rugs – styles of rugs for

Large kitchen rugs – styles of rugs for kitchen

Rugs come in different types, styles, shapes and forms. There are is no limitation to how one could apply a rug in a home. It depends on one’s creativity and comfort level, to place rug where one finds them most suitable. Rugs find their application in all the different rooms of the house, right from the living room even to the bathroom, there are many different types of rugs could be put to use.

Here we get to see the rugs which are most appropriate for the kitchen. Some points to remember when selecting a large kitchen rug are:

  • It’s a high trafficked work place.
  • It could get very messy.
  • The rug should blend in well with the aesthetics of the kitchen.
  • Should be cleaned often, to prevent the dust from the rug resulting in allergic reactions

Keeping these in mind these are the different styles most appropriate as large kitchen rug.

Area Rugs

This type of large kitchen rug comes in different size and shapes. The most common size found in all the houses used specifically for living and dining rooms are 8”x10”. Depending on the size of the kitchen one needs to decide if this would be most appropriate size of the rug. Usually the kitchens are not exactly in a rectangular shape to satisfy this size of 8”x10”. The other important factor here is to think about the material that would be more suitable. Wool and cotton would absorb a lot of water and dirt, which could result in damaging the rug itself. It would be best to get a rug made of synthetic fiber.

Runner Rugs

This type of rug would be more suitable as a large kitchen rug, due to the unique size it offers. Runner rugs are narrow and long rugs which fit into aesthetics of the kitchen. This type of rug usually comes with heavy craftwork. Here is where one needs to think if this would be a good option or not. A workplace which could get messy might not be the right choice for a heavily crafted rug.


Probably the most appropriate of all the rugs to be used as the large kitchen rug. Shag rugs come in different sizes and shapes or one can customize them to one’s preferable size too. These rugs are cheaper in price compared to the other two types of rugs and are woven with synthetic fibers. This lowers the maintenance needs of the rug. Also the synthetic fibers do not absorb dirt and are generally stain resistant, which makes the cleaning process easier. This type of rug is the most suitable as large kitchen rug.