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Things to consider before i purchase an oriental rug

Things to consider before i purchase an oriental rug

My own personal first consideration before I purchase an Oriental or a Persian rug would be where exactly I am going to place it in my house. These rugs are the best possible rugs that you can buy so they are very precious. I personally don’t like the idea of some person or people walking around on my rare and beautiful investment.  Foot traffic will eventually wear out your precious investment so you will have to make the decision of whether you want the rug for practical use, or for an aesthetic purpose.

Now the term Oriental rug actually applies two rugs which are made in Asia, Iran, India, Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan, Nepal and Turkey,  . Persian rugs are made in a similar fashion but they are made only in modern day Persia which is Iran. .

Buying a Unique Rug:

Insure that I am purchasing the real deal. Oriental Rugs are made or knotted entirely by hand so make sure that this is exactly what you are buying. Even if the designer wanted to make two rugs exactly alike it would not be possible for him or her to do. It takes a lot of time and discipline to create them. This makes each individual rug a totally unique product and adds to its value. Since these rugs are individually made rather than created on a loom each will have some minor flaws due to human error. Rug makers are excellent at their craft but no human on this earth can produce patterns that are absolutely perfect. An Oriental rug will have a knot count that will be anywhere from fifty to fifteen hundred per square inch.

Value of an Oriental rug:

You need to be cognizant of the fact that the Oriental rug that you purchase is much more than something to use to decorate the floor. It is truly an antique and should be treated as such. As an antique its value will increase over time.  There isn’t another one in the world or ever will be one exactly like it.  It took much time and attention to detail to create, which was taken out of the creator’s own life. When I served in the military I would sometimes see orchards where the fruit was growing on the branches.

The farmers would take paper bags and wrap them around every single fruit on every single tree of his orchard so that the fruit would be perfect. This kept worms and bugs from consuming the fruit and also helped the fruit to grow to be big and beautiful. The point that I am making here is to get you to consider the care that the Oriental farmer did not mind giving his product even though it would be consumed. I am sure that the same level of attention to detail is used when creating Oriental rugs.