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A guide to modern homes

A guide to modern homes

There are a lot of different styles for constructing modern homes that have been evolved over the past years. Some of these styles have been described below.

Southwestern style:

Southwestern style is a very good one to construct modern homes. Its roots belong to California and it emphasizes a house design having a blend with the nature around us. There is earth tone coloration and the roofs are low pitched. Most of the houses constructed in southwestern style have a single storey and the windows are large.

Contemporary style:

The contemporary style was originated in the California state of America after the 2nd world war. These homes are constructed to provide luxury, convenience and comfort. Houses constructed in this style have modular building styles, low pitched roofs and large windows.

Art deco style:

Art deco is another style for constructing modern homes. This style evolved between 1920s and 1930s. The houses built following this style are normally smaller and make use of stone as the building material.

Green style:

We live in a world where the preservation of environment and nature is very important issue that needs to be addressed immediately in order to conserve and preserve the nature around us. Houses constructed in green style are an initiative towards fulfilling this motive of mature preservation. The homes constructed in this style make use of renewable energy sources like solar energy. The building materials used in the construction are reproduced or recycled from old stuff like plastic, wood and steel.