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How to Create an Awesome Indoor Herb Garden

How to Create an Awesome Indoor Herb Garden

Fresh herbs at home can be very convenient. When you can always have your own fresh herbs without leaving the kitchen, you’ll be more than happy. However, it shouldn’t be only kitchen. You can grow herbs in any sunny room. Check out this article to find out how to plant an indoor herb garden.

Find the place

Herbs must get at least 4 hours of sun daily. Choose the room where windows face south or southwest. East and west-facing windows are also ok. Choose the room that is bright and has a nice atmosphere. Besides, your own will create this atmosphere itself.

Provide the herbs with the best conditions

Indoor herbs must get enough water. Use all the needed instruments to let the herbs grow normally. Plants don’t like dry air. Every week, put the herbs into the sink and slightly shower them. It will increase the quality of their growth.

Let’s consider the most popular indoor herbs and the specific features of their growth. Basil is a nice green herb that is used in a number of dishes. It should be planted in the place that is full of sun and warmth. The same concerns the parsley. Bay needs a lot of air. Chervil can grow well even in low light. Oregano should be planted from a tip of an outdoor oregano. Thyme also likes full sun.

In order to create an awesome indoor herb garden, follow several rules that have been mentioned in this article.