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Engineered wood floor: settling the qualms on wood flooring

Engineered wood floor: settling the qualms on wood flooring

The beauty that comes with wood flooring is consummate but the question of whether to use them or not in certain applications is no longer a debate, thanks to the engineered wood floor. The use of traditional solid wood flooring is particularly limited on certain applications where high moisture content is a concern, as in the installation over concrete slab or below grade.

Traditional wood floors are prone to damage when used in moisture prevalent conditions. They easily undergo shrinkage or warping within a short time spun from installation. The following are reasons why engineered wood flooring beat their counterparts in all sets.

Solid wood floor upgrade

With engineered wood floor, there’s no more rooms for worries. As the name suggests, engineered wood flooring employs a number of high techniques which add significant improvements to the stability and beauty of wood floors. Cross layering that is applied in this engineered process demarcates these customized wood floor from the traditional ones.

Unlike the traditional wood flooring, the engineered type offers countless number of advantages which certify it for use under all types of applications. There’s certainly no room for doubts or marking these words as mere hype, since the results have been approved from those who have made successful installations.

Suitable for extreme conditions

The flooring is done with engineered wood which has been built through strongly bonded layers. The top layer comprises of carefully selected hardwood which adds beauty through its natural characteristic. Under the top layer lies the high density fiberboard which gives the floor unrivaled stability and strength as compared to the traditional wood floors.

This layer is the one that gives these wood floors the resistance to the variations in temperature and humidity. This same layer makes the floors be suitable for any type of condition including the high moisture prone places.

Fulfills all the preferences of wood floors

Everyone loves the warmth, exquisiteness and durability that comes with the wood floors, but the engineered floors combine these characteristics to offer home owners far more advantages. Engineered floors have dumbfounding beauty, great warmth due to their ability to reserve heat and most importantly are durable. The floors can last as much as the solid wood floors and can also be refinished just as there counterparts.

Offers a wide range of choices

One unsurpassed characteristic that the these floors offer is the wide range of impressive colors, wood species, finishes and most importantly texture. Everyone has their preferences on their floors and these floors are manufactured with that consideration in mind. After making the installation, the floors look exactly similar to the solid wood floors.

Choose your own installation method

The floor also gives a number of installation methods depending on the type that has been chosen. They can be glued, floated or stapled. If looking for something easier to install, then floated types are certainly the best. These and many other reasons are enough to convince anyone to select the engineered wood floor over its counterpart traditional solid wood floor.