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Follow the uniquenes with, ash hardwoodflooring

Follow the uniquenes with, ash hardwoodflooring

Hard wood floor is something quite close to nature. It gives your home a natural look. These hardwood floors are tough, durable and beautiful. They give the home a precious look as this hardwood flooring is quite enough expensive also.

The hard wood floors are a symbol of richness, charm and elegance. They imply a classic look to your home. There are different kind of hardwood floors that are differentiated from each other in terms of size, features, colors and cost. Following are few of the examples of hardwood flooring,


This is a varied choice of ash hardwood flooring in terms of size. Some of the sizes available are mentioned as under,

  • Narrow planks of less width (less than 3 inches).
  • Broader planks of more than 3 inches
  • Square and rectangle shape
  • Flooring square planks

Besides the styles and texture there is another unique style in hard wood floor and that is ash hardwood flooring, these are rustic look and are available in unique geometrical designs.


The classic ash hardwood flooring have diversified features. Each species of hardwood floor is distinctive from the next one. But the common factor of each hardwood flooring is that they are always durable and long lasting. The most common and popular specie of this kind of flooring are,

  • Ash toffee hardwood floor
  • Ash distressed floor
  • Ash Brandon hardwood floor
  • Ash circa flooring
  • Gunstock ash hardwood flooring

All the above mentioned imparts beauty to the place where these are installed. The delicacy and refined finish of these special species are the factors that raise their pricing.


The ash hardwood flooring is always available in a variety of shades and colors. This type of flooring is available in blond to jet black shade or they may be found in grey, light brown or beige color. It is suggested that for drawing or dining rooms the ash gunstock hardwood floor looks more stunning and adds a blend of richness and uniqueness to the place.


If this ash hardwood flooring is to be placed in a busy place where the family gathers most of the time, a hard specie of wooden flooring is required. This hard specie for example ash circa 1850 is durable enough to resist stain sand scratches made by pets or kids playing on the floor. To avoid all these kind of stains or scratches problem proper care and regular cleaning is required.