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Creating the Perfect Lawn Edging for your Garden

Creating the Perfect Lawn Edging for your Garden

Creating edges or borders for your lawns are beneficial to provide separation between the fences, walkways, flowerbeds and driveways within your property. Lawn edging gives the lawn an attractive finish. There are various types of lawn edging such as trench edging, stone edging, concrete edging, metal or plastic edging, etc. which you can choose from to perfectly match with the landscape design of your garden.

Trench edging

Trench edging is best suitable if you are looking for a simple approach to your lawn edging. This involves digging a trench that is about 4 to 6 inches deep between the lawn and the area of the flower bed.  This also involves a good maintenance that requires cutting many times in a year. This will make it very effective.

Metal or plastic lawn edging

This type of lawn edging is less obtrusive. This involves thin strips of plastic or metal edging that is about 4 to 6 inches in height which is buried in the lawn easily. You can use this effective lawn edging method along the driveways and pathways.

Stone edging

Stone edging is another effective and attractive option of lawn edging as well which involves using borders around the lawn with stones. You can use different varieties of stones like fieldstone, sett stone or natural stone pavers that are of high quality.

Concrete lawn edging

Concrete lawn edging is a very cost-effective and permanent type of edging around the area of your lawn. You can lay wet concrete or pre-formed curbing yourself in your lawn.