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How home carpet can work wonders in decorating your house.

How home carpet can work wonders in decorating your house.

A carpet is a floor covering material, generally made up of two parts; a pile and a backing. It is commonly fixed to a floor over a cushioned underlay for some padding distinguishing it from rugs or mats; floor coverings which are not fixed.

Carpeting which covers the length of a room is called as ‘wall-to-wall’ generally. If you’re looking to furnish your house with a home carpet here are some things you should know about them first:

  • Types: These are some of the primary types of carpets available:

Woven: woven carpets are produced on a loom. There are two basic designs of piles; a plush or a berber. Usually, this is the most expensive type of carpet due to the time taken to manufacture them.

Tufted: These are the carpets that have their pile made into the backing and the backing is then attached to an extra backing to keep it firm. Their durability make tufted carpets the most common type of carpets used for domestic floor covering worldwide.

Needle felt: The process of making needle felt carpet is relatively They are also the most durable carpets and therefore used in commercial surroundings.

Flatweave: Flatweave carpets are created by vertical and horizontal stitches. They are commonly used for decoration. Examples of it are the very traditional and delicate types of Persian style carpets like kilim and soumak.

Embroidered carpet: Not weaved on a loom, it is a bit different from woven carpets. Usually portray flowers and nature, these carpets add freshness to your home.

Hooked rugs: A hooked rug is made by pulling one type of cloth through another creating a meshwork of fabric. These are usually sold as handicrafts.

  • Historical importance:

Carpet weaving is a traditional art form in itself which shows a great deal of symbolic importance from different parts of the world. There are Afghan carpets, Persian carpets, Pakistani/Indian carpets, Turk carpets, Chinese carpets. All these countries are collectively known as the ‘rug belt’ because of their exceptional carpet weaving skills. If you want to add a vintage look to your home, go traditional.

  • Home carpet:

Now that you know basic features of the types of carpets available, it is easier to put this knowledge into use. Moreover, if you think you want to bring modern and traditional together, add a zing to your home by adding a traditional antique carpet to your contemporary interior.