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How to choose laminate floor underlay for your home?

How to choose laminate floor underlay for your home?

Home is the place one relaxes with their family and friends. It’s a heaven for many. They will spend their hard earned savings to build a home for peaceful living. It is the place lot of memories are created and dreams achieved. There are a lot of memories associated with the home. People would like to build their homes with love and care since it shows their status and sensibilities.

People would like to spend a lot of time choosing best quality materials and design an exquisite home with the help of interior decorators. Among the major decisions, he takes while building or renovating the home, the type of flooring for his home is the most important. It is because the flooring is the base of the house and can’t be changed often. Hence, he has to find the best at the first time itself.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one among the different types of flooring available. It is the strongest and most durable flooring. The strength of this flooring depends on its underlay. The laminate floor underlay has to be chosen depending upon the condition of the floor. Since, floors are pressurized from both top and bottom, you need to choose the underlay properly since the bottom can not be accessed once the laminate is installed.

Floor underlay

You need to check the subfloor and know whether timber or concrete is used. It is important to know it to find the damage due to moisture. Once you know the moisture level, you can choose the right underlay to protect the flooring. You should also make sure that the subfloor is smooth.

The underlay is effective when you have smooth underlay and doesn’t develop any cracks. If there are any cracks on the concrete floor, you should make sure to fill up and smoothen the floor. You could smoothen by using plywood. If the subfloor is damp then you may have to use damp proof filler to let it dry even before you start laminate floor underlay.


You have to consider the budget and work out the right approach. If there is solid subfloor, you should try waterproof DPM. If the timber is used then allow proper ventilation to prevent mold. Decide on whether the laminate floor underlay is required before proceeding so that the cost is minimized. There are certain DIY laminate floorings which don’t require underlay since they are prefinished. If you want you can add shock and sound absorption using custom layers.

It is best to choose underlay after considering the subfloor and the moisture level at subfloor. It is worth taking time and effort since it is one of the important decision.