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Cherry laminate flooring as an alternative of hardwood flooring

Cherry laminate flooring as an alternative of hardwood flooring

If you are looking for some alternative of hardwood flooring with deep color then cherry wood flooring can be a suitable option. The cherry laminate flooring will not only bring the blooming effect to overall ambience it will also supply ample ravishing and charming appeal.

Different looks with cherry laminate flooring

Cherry shade laminate flooring bears striking resemblance with real wood due to its shades. You can introduce vast variety of themes to your living from contemporary to traditional however it is strongly suggested that choose the specific color pertaining to that theme. Light colored cherry laminate flooring is suitable for contemporary theme while for traditional theme you need to go for deeper tone. Rustic espresso oak, warm chestnut, Boyer Elm, Kona acacia and Caribbean hue are few of many prevailing designs in all over world especially US.

Durability and installation of laminate flooring

Suppliers these days have worked efficiently in maintaining high quality laminate floorings. Cherry laminate flooring is one of supreme ranges of laminate flooring. It is durable for many upcoming years to last and is capable of sustaining its aesthetic look for many years. You can hire an expert for successful placing of laminate floors however this task can also be well accomplished by you. You can easily install flooring with help of given manual. As this flooring comprises of planks locking and floating aspects of laminate flooring are mostly explicit.

Installing of laminate flooring is relatively easy and handy as compared to other flooring types. Plank series varies differently for different floorings. 1-strip, 2-strip and 3-strip planks are normally available. Different laminate floorings are also in market. 8mm, 10mm and 12mm are mostly used thicknesses. Nowadays suppliers also furnish warranty cover for their floorings. 25-year limited residential, 30-year limited residential and limited lifetime residential is few types of warranty covers.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of laminate flooring is handy and super easy. For frequent cleanings dry method of cleaning should be used. A vacuum cleaner and dry broom can be used for regular cleaning. However for occasional events you can mop the floor. Frequent mopping or using wet cloth for cleaning will impair the aesthetics of floor over a period of time damaging the look of floor. Laminate flooring can be made more stable by using underlying pad. This padding gives sound moisture resistance also.