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A guide on buying laminate flooring

A guide on buying laminate flooring underlayment

Most of the people are unaware of the actual use of a laminate flooring underlayment. So in case you are planning on buying it for your house, it might come in handy to know the basics about it. Flooring underlayment is basically used to lessen the hollow sound that is produced by a newly installed laminate floor. In other words, you might have considered that newly installed laminate floors make an annoying sound whenever you walk over their surface. If you want to get rid of this weird sound, making use of an underlayment is highly recommended. The typical underlayment is manufactured using foam and comes in the form of rolls.

Is it possible to install on your own?

Installation of laminate flooring underlayment is a pretty simple job. You can easily do it on your own by following a series of simple yet effective steps. Some tips that might come in handy in this regard are described below.

Go for the right underlayment:

There are many different types of underlayment available in the market in different price ranges. You might get tempted by looking at the cheaper ones as there isn’t any apparent difference between the good ones and the ones that are of low quality. But you need to be aware of the fact that the cheaper ones do not have any barrier to protect against moisture. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy a good quality underlayment especially if you want to install it in a room where excessive amounts of moisture are involved, like in case of a kitchen.

Have a look at the sub floor

Underlayment is meant to fix the imperfections found in the level of the floor to almost 1/8 inch. This step is very critical as you do not want to get even a slightly crooked floor. So in order to do it, all you need is a 12’2’’X4’’ board. You need to place the board at each end of the floor and use a measuring tape to determine if the margins at each side are the same or not.


In order to install the laminate flooring underlayment, you need to tightly put its straight edge against the face of the wall. The edge of the tape will overlap the piece that is meant to me installed next. Then all you need to do is to unroll the whole roll of underlayment until it approaches the other wall.