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Benefits of using unfinished oak flooring

Benefits of using unfinished oak flooring

Getting good quality flooring is a major concern to all homeowners. Hardwoods are often the best materials to go for, though they are a bit more expensive as compared to the softwoods. Oak is one of the many hardwood trees from where you can get good quality lumber from. This article discusses a few things on using unfinished oak flooring.

What is Unfinished Oak Flooring?

Unfinished oak flooring is flooring material that comes from oak and that has not gone through the final stages of adding finish so that people can walk on. It is thus sold in plank form and owners often choose whether to do the finishing themselves or not.

Advantages of Unfinished Flooring

Customizability – With this type of flooring you can choose the type of finish that is suitable to your given environment. You can thus match the finish with your existing colors at home. You can thus have your own unique finish as well as be able to match the flooring with any existing ones that you have in the areas in your home.

Natural Look – The unfinished flooring perfectly showcases the natural look of the oak wood. Since staining and laminating the wood often leads to loss of the beauty of wood, unfinished flooring offers most home users the option of having the natural beauty and grain of the wood clearly visible.

Unfinished flooring present these benefits but there are also a few concerns with regards to installation. The work required in finishing the flooring is usually very demanding, an expert in doing the sanding and finishing is required. Without this expert, the overall work will be poor and the desired outcome may not be achieved.

Advantages of Unfinished Oak for Flooring

Oak wood is extremely durable; there are 200 year old oak wood reclaimed for use in making flooring. This has made it popular in many flooring projects.

Oak has a very attractive grain which is just perfect for flooring. The grain has very nice patterns, which add style to wooden flooring, something that most other hardwoods would not easily offer.

It is very easy to stain and color oak wood; this makes it the perfect material to use in unfinished flooring. Home owners can thus have a wide array of colors to use on the unfinished oak flooring.

Oak wood is naturally highly resistant to insect and fungal attacks. This means less money spent on repairs and replacements.