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How to maintain natural wood floors?

How to maintain natural wood floors?

Natural wood floor is beautiful. You can not find more comfortable flooring than Natural wood flooring which can provide elegance and comfort which enhances the value of your home. You have to choose the natural wood floors carefully and install them properly so that there is less maintenance cost. The maintenance costs depend mostly on the type of installation you choose and how professional was the installation. If the installation is not done properly it will lead to a lot of maintenance issue later.

Installation process

Natural wood floors require the best type of installation to make them maintenance free. There are various ways you can install wooden floors. You can choose nail or staple down the wooden planks to the subfloor or glue the individual planks. You can also choose to go glue-less which is the latest innovation done through interlocking planks without using any adhesive. However, you should be careful that professional work is done while installation since bad interlocking can lead to gaps in the flooring later.

As we start using the floor, air starts to get in between the planks and slowly start to loosen the planks. It creates gaps in between the planks making it look ugly. It is also dangerous for the user since these gaps in between the planks can damage the clothes are fingers which may get stuck in between these gaps in the floor. Another DIY floor installation method is floating floors which sit above the subfloor through wood glue. They are not secured to the subfloor but sit over them with the help of wood glue between planks.

Maintenance of natural wood flooring

Natural wood floor requires your time and commitment to maintain. It requires periodic sanding, waxing and buffing to make them look new and fresh despite the modern advances which have reduced the wear and tear of wood floors. Urethane protection allows the wood floors to be scratch, stain and moisture resistant. However, it doesn’t absolves one in taking care of the natural wood floors. The more care you take more life you will get. Due to advancement in technology, the time spent on maintenance is reduced to a great extent. You should take care not to wet or mop the natural wood floor and use vacuum cleaning or soft bristles to keep the floor clean. When using chairs and tables, it is best to use protection to keep floor getting damaged.


It is best to choose proper installation after due diligence so that maintenance is reduced. You should also take proper care by following manufacturer’s instructions to reduce the maintenance costs.