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Varieties of contemporary rug

Varieties of contemporary rug

The rug is an important piece of item for a modern living room. A contemporary rug not only protects the floor and provides insulation from sound but defines the theme and colour palette of the room. A contemporary rug provides comfort to the feet from hard surfaces such as tile flooring or chilly hardwood flooring. Besides the material of the rug and the weaving style, the most important aspect that the customer keeps in mind at the time of buying a rug is the design because an attractive design such as bold patterns, stripes etc enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room.


Cotton rugs are easy to maintain and because of this characteristic they are appropriate for installing in those areas of the house which witness maximum footfalls and dirt such as bathrooms.

Synthetic rugs are made up of materials such as polypropylene or other synthetic fibers. They are suitable for use as both indoor and outdoor rugs. These contemporary rugs are stain resistant and come with a variety of pattern and designs. They are easy to maintain and possess the beneficial properties of synthetic fibers.

Wool rugs are durable, stain resistant and soft. The wool rug insulates the house during summers and winters and prevents the feet from treading on the hard floors.


Contemporary rug comes in a plethora of patterns and designs. These patterns and designs are the defining features of modern rugs.

The modern chevron pattern rug is made up of consecutive V pattern. Black and White chevron pattern is very popular though there are many colour combinations in this pattern. It is inspired by military uniforms.

Modern quatrefoil rug with quatrefoil pattern which is also found in many textiles, pillows and rugs is a beautiful rug with a barbed quatrefoil design and simple colour combination.

Modern striped rug features clean lines and a modern design. They are available in two colour patterns and multi-coloured designs. It is suitable for adding contrasting colours to the room.


Some colours include Blue, Grey, Cream, Black and Orange. The contemporary rugs can be divided into following caregories: Area rugs, Outdoor rugs, Rug pads and Doormats etc.


There are many online outlets where one can get access to a large collection of contemporary rugs by different brands and designs and in different price ranges suitable for people with different budgets.