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Tribal rugs will bring grace and opulence
into your home

Tribal rugs will bring grace and opulence into your home

Rugs woven by nomadic or semi-nomadic tribal weavers in bold shapes and geometric designs are known as tribal rugs. Tribal style of weaving goes back to the traditional style of motifs, designs and colors that do not change over time. They were just passed down generations. The tribal people associated with weaving tribal rugs are the Turkmen, the Kurds, the Qashqai and many more.

Each tribe had different designs and color combinations that were quite consistent. Tribal rugs are woven on portable looms so the pieces are smaller in size than the rugs made in big weaving centers. These rugs are often one of a kind as they are made individually by the weavers who used to survive by selling the finished product and then buying the necessary material to make the next rug.

Tribal rugs are a floor covering that brings warmth and color to a home. These rugs are famous for their unique designs that show the creativity of the weavers who have been working on this art for thousands of years. Bring this traditional culture and handmade creation into your home to accentuate it with an artistic tribal rug.

These rugs are synchronized with geometric designs and bold colors. Though these rugs do not have the appearance and class of Persian rugs, their highly decorative designs can complement any space in your home. They are primitive pieces of art that have an ancient yet modern look. Tribal rugs are thus alluring, colorful and exceptionally diverse.

Today the tribal rugs collections are original handmade pieces got from the nomadic people of Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and Caucasus. These rugs are much in demand due to their graphic colors, distinctive carpet patterns, cryptic symbols and unrestricted styles. There are countless rug making tribes and every rug has an individual style and symbol.

Each rug is really an amazing and beautiful creation and is a true works of art. Some tribal rugs emphasize on large sweeping forms or monumental effect while other rugs emphasize the intricate and fine detailing. Contrasting colors like reds, greens, yellows, blues and ivories make the designs very rich and vibrant. Rugs have a detailed border in red with stylish floral motifs. Some rugs have an enduring beauty and are pursued by collectors and experts. Such rugs will definitely bring an unmatched elegance and sophistication into your home.