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Smart application of living room area rugs

Smart application of living room area rugs

There is one particular form of rug, which is a clear favorite among the home maker and the interior designers, living room area rugs. The most surprising fact about this kind of rug lies in its simplicity and versatility. The living room area rug could easily snug itself to any home with any set of furniture, the only consideration one must give to, is the color contrast coming off it. The most common among the living room area rug is the 8’x10’ rugs, which are found almost in all the homes in the US and the Europe.

Let’s look at some of the smart ways to use this rug.

Sitting Area –

The sitting area in the living room is best location to use the living room area rugs. Their application here with the sitting furniture gives sitting area a very neat and cozy look. The interior designers prefer to use it in a way where the furniture could be placed at the edge of the rug and coffee table is placed at the center.

Dining Area –

In many homes, the living room is large enough to accommodate the dining area too. In these cases, the living room area rug helps to create an invisible wall between the sitting area and the dining area, giving a very neat and contemporary look to the apartment. The contemporary designers love to work with these rugs.

Fireplace –

Another impressive way to set up the living room area rug, is to put them in front of a fireplace. This is an excellent location to place the rug, along with a few cushions, giving a very warm and appealing look to the home, and the entire arrangement itself. Depending on the feel of the rug, usually a soft plush rug, there could be cushions and blankets placed on it. As the rug provides great insulation and fireplace keeps one warm, this is an apt location to settle down on a chilly evening.

What is so refreshing about the living room area rugs, is their availability in different sizes, which makes them truly versatile for different smart applications. Some of the major points to consider before buying such a rug, is, quite obviously, the size of the rug. The fact that it could be so versatile could become a drawback if the size if not taken in to consideration.

So make sure you measure the area of the rug required, to an exact value. Apart from the size, the living room area rug, comes is a whole assortment of patterns, colors and styles. To select the rug for the right application, it is necessary to understand the different aspects of the living room area rug, before deciding to buy the rug.