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The various advantages of engineered
hardwood floor

The various advantages of engineered hardwood floor

A common choice of flooring among most homeowners today is the engineered hardwood floor. Many prefer this type of flooring because of its beautiful appearance and homely look and feel. Also it is very economical and comes in a wide variety of designs. It has a lot of benefits when used in homes and hence it is very popularly used by most homeowners.

Prevents bending of wood after using for a longer period

A sandwich of several wood laminations that consists of unfinished plywood underneath as well as finished wood on top is used to make engineered hardwood flooring. The material of the hardwood is arranged meticulously in each layer and then placed to form a cross-grain construction that makes the flooring durable and sturdy and also makes it withstand conditions of high moisture.

Quick and Easy to install

Most of the engineered hardwood flooring is usually found in a prefinished form. Sanding and sealing of the floor’s top layer has been finished already and hence can be easily installed and walk on it instantly. You can install the engineered hardwood floor yourself easily and hence you can save a huge cost that you would have spent for professional installation.

Many of the DIY-enthusiasts have found this instant installation feature of the engineered hardwood floor attractive and hence prefer this type of flooring. With the variety of designs available like bamboo, hickory, maple wood and oak flooring, it is perfect to add beauty and aesthetic value to your property.

Has good resistance to damp and high moisture conditions

You can install the engineered hardwood flooring in all the rooms in your house including the kitchen and the bathroom unlike the traditional wood flooring. The rooms like kitchen and bathroom tend to have high moisture and dampness and hence it is best to choose this type of flooring that is resistant to moisture. Thus there is no need to worry about the floor during times when it is exposed to water and moisture.

It can be sanded but for a limited time

Another fact about the engineered hardwood flooring is that they can be sanded when dents and scratches are found on the floor. But you can do the sanding only for a limited number of times – probably not more than twice which also depends on the floor’s thickness. Seek the help of a flooring expert to do the sanding if you don’t know whether your floor needs sanding or not.