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How to add beauty to your interiors with
tiger wood flooring?

How to add beauty to your interiors with tiger wood flooring?

Tiger wood is undoubtedly an exotic species of wood which features a beautiful grain pattern. The deep orange/reddish background that comes with dark vein strapping looks dramatic when added to the interiors. The wood is not just exotic but also durable.

Properties that make tiger wood flooring desirable

Tiger wood is quite heavy and dense. It is resistant to decay and rot naturally and does not promote the growth of fungus and mould. This makes tiger wood flooring extremely popular. It is also used for veneers, furniture work and other wooden projects. A wide range of striping and coloring is offered with tiger wood. The striping varies from bold strokes to fine lines. The color varies from tan to light orange. The surface appears lustrous. Tiger wood flooring is quite durable. It resists traffic wear and as well as denting.

Working with tiger wood flooring installation

The installation of tiger wood flooring is moderately difficult while utilizing hand tools. The cutting edges can quickly wear out and hence it is vital to opt for carbide tips. While nailing and screwing tiger wood flowing it is vital to consider pre-drilling. Sanding becomes quite challenging with tiger wood.

Professional preparation should be preferred for large scale applications. Sealing can be done if your desire durability. Preservatives aren’t needed when it comes to tiger wood flooring. The color deepens with time and this is entirely dependent on the amount of sunlight received by the wood. This accentuates the grain pattern of the wood and makes its lustre to increase with time.

Moisture measurement for flooring applications

For flooring applications, the wood is dried. It is crucial to let it maintain a natural balance. This is referred to as the equilibrium moisture content. To measure the moisture content of the wood before flooring, it is vital to make use of a wood moisture meter. Tiger wood products impart a dramatic flair to the interiors. With appropriate moisture balance, this flooring will last for several years. Not much maintenance needs to be done when it comes to tiger wood flooring.

These look beautiful for years and with little bit of caring, the flooring would last forever. Tiger wood is an ideal flooring choice because of several reasons. The properties of the wood make this flooring desirable. These offer a plethora of advantages and hence are desired by many.