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A guide to slate tile flooring

A guide to slate tile flooring

Flooring is a basic and an important phase of any building. This necessitates a deeper look in to different kinds of flooring, varying from wood to stones. When it comes to stones, slate tile flooring has been a silent trend setter that many have failed to notice. What makes it special is the fact that something so basic could make the interiors of a home or a building look so warm or smart or beautiful. Slates are nothing but fine grained metamorphosed rocks. Usually they were a great option for outdoors of a building, but over the years, there are some which go great with the interiors in a building.

Let’s have a look into their positives which have led to this transition.

Low maintenance –

One of the main advantages when it comes to slate tile flooring is the remarkably low maintenance requirement. Be it outdoors or indoors, this kind of flooring is stain resistant, and dirt could be easily cleaned from its surface. An addition to this feature is the fact that slate tile flooring is also waterproof, makes it a perfect candidate for outdoors and indoors. In a building one could commonly find them in the kitchen and more commonly in the bathroom. Another advantage here when they are added to the shower room is that these slates are naturally anti-slippery. This makes them the top candidate for being installed in the bathrooms or places which are more prone to getting wet.

Durability –

Yet another feature which is strikingly different from its counterparts. The slate tile flooring is a perfect candidate for buildings or homes with a lot of traffic. These slates are rocks which have undergone transformation over many years under high pressure, so they could easily handle one or many drops on them. For example, places like garages or workshops where heavy metals are involved, these would work magically, by making it a great place to work without worrying about dropping anything on them.

The appearance –

In a stark contrast to the typical flooring types, the slate tile flooring gives a great advantage in terms of look, as every slate is unique. One could go as far as to even choose on the shape or form of the slate, like flat, ungauged, glossy finish, etc. They give a very earthy look to the home.

One of the major issues with the slate tile flooring is the installation process and the insulation during the cold weather. Installation is not as easy as its counterparts. During the winter the slates get cold quite fast and do not trap the heat as well as the other types of the flooring. There are methods being developed to address this issue, as the slate tile flooring have been getting common with the new age interior decorators and builders.