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Types of living room armchairs

Types of living room armchairs

There are several types of armchairs that you can use in your living room to make it alluring and eye-catching. You can place the armchairs with the sofas to increase the seating space in your living room. Following are some types of armchairs that you can use to elevate the interior décor of your living room and make it decorative too.


A chair and a half is an extremely valuable bit of furniture, being somewhat larger than a chair and is smaller than a loveseat. The width of a chair and half makes it a perfect piece of furniture for relaxing. The living room chair featured here is a present day in style, however, you can discover one in any style. The chair may have a loose back with a tight seat, or tight seat with tight back or it may have a tight back with loose seating material. You can purchase any type according to your need and desire. This kind of chair is versatile and can work in various settings.

Wing armchairs

In spite of the fact that the wing chair is an exceptionally customary sort of chair, it has been redesigned and given a more contemporary look by numerous present day interior designers. Wing back armchairs are recognised by the side boards or side panels, these living room armchairs have slightly larger side panels forming a shape of the wing. The wings give an agreeable surface to rest the head while you are taking a nap or reading some sort of books etc.

Armchair Sofas

Chair sofas are very handy and easy to manage. They are light weight and moreover, they are cost less than other sofas made of pure wood. Sofas have attained a very preliminary place in designing of a home, office, or school. Include in the family of sofas Chair sofas is the trendiest one these days. Chair sofa is a combination of sofa and chair. The fundamental materials are a sofa, chair structure and wool, or leather (whatever the type may be). On the chair structure, the sofa material is fixed on it.