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Sleeper sofa mattress and its benefits

Sleeper sofa mattress and its benefits

A particular feature of a sofa is that it usually has a thin mattress underneath it. This mattress can be opened up or unfolded to form a bed. This mattress is known as sleeper sofa bed mattress. They are made from different materials such as the foam and spring.


Sleeper sofa bed mattresses are of 3 major types. They are:

  1. Spring Sofa Mattress: asides the fact that springs make nice and comfortable sofa bed mattresses, some factors needed to be taken into consideration as regards to spring sofa mattresses. They include free length, solid height, working length, active coil, hydrogen embrittlement etc. It should also be taken into notice that the best springs are springs that are stress relieved. However, these springs are expensive and are hence not used by many people.
  2. Foam Sofa Mattress: quality foam provides maximum support and makes the body gets back into shape as users are able to sleep and relax well.
  3. Pocket-coil mattress: these ones are of more quality than the foam or spring mattresses. They are thicker and provide top quality support.


The sleeper sofa mattress comes in different forms and styles as they are created uniquely. These have made them have different features. There are some sleeper sofa mattresses with 2 layers of memory foam, the upper layer provides pressure relief and plush comfort, while the lower layer provides orthopedic support and provides for longevity of the sofa mattress. The sofa mattresses fold up inside the sofa and unfold easily as a spring sofa mattress would. They can be used as a boat mattress, bunk bed mattress, mattress topper or an RV mattress. They are also very durable as they do last for a long period of time.

Sleeper sofa mattresses are very beautiful and attractive. This is a result of the lovely and creative ways they are styled and designed. Furthermore, they are made in various colors which make them look very colorful. Having them in a home beautifies the home. They go alongside the décor of a hoe, complement it and bring out an atmosphere of beauty in the home.