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Get traditional sofas to enhance
your  country home

Get traditional sofas to enhance your  country home

Traditional Sofas require more space than modern sofas. Earlier homes were very spacious and could accommodate the sprawling furniture. Chesterfield  sofas were traditional sofas that   adorned  many a home. So add extra glamour to your country home with traditional furniture.

Huntsville Sofa for style and elegance

It cost around $ 326 with free shipping besides they are willing to allow you to pay in monthly instalments. It has sleek curves and clean lines that can add style to any setting. It is contemporary in design and can also fit in traditional setting. It has flared frame in mahogany wood with well-padded cushions for comfort.

The armrests are well padded and rounded with soft upholstery. The seats are provided with springs with sturdy wood legs. It is upholstered in faux suede upholstery. Enjoy the cozy comfort of relaxing in this sofa and reading a book.

Add Glamour to your Sitting Room with Vivacci Sofa

The Vivacci Sofa can be an ideal addition to your living room, sitting room or family room. This is crafted by craftsmen who are well versed in the trade. It has a framework of mahogany wood which is carved by hand. It is elegant and ornate adding style to the sitting room.

The sofa is well padded with high density foam and upholstered in linen fabric which makes it quite easy to clean. Enjoy the comfort of this sofa and rejuvenate yourself. It costs only $4597 for the style it will add to your home.

Benefits of Traditional Sofas

Traditional sofas last for many years and most often are hand crafted .Many of them are made in Italy and the shipping also comes quite expensive. Depending on the place where the sofa is made is the price considering the labor and shipping. Traditional Sofas are also made in China where the labor is cheap accordingly the price of the sofa will be more favorable than Italy. Traditional furniture is made from natural wood where grain and finishing matter, and is long lasting

So get traditional sofa of your choice by  checking the design and your décor and add style to your home.