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How to select designer area rugs?

How to select designer area rugs?

Who doesn’t want a designer area rug? A rug specially designed by top designers. But there are few things you need to keep in mind before buying designer area rugs. Many people have questions of how to choose a designer area rug?

Here are some tips by designer Scot Meacham Wood to help you choose designer area rug.

Floor coverings are a good part of any room design, but this can also be an important part of the budget. Let’s consider the sizes first and then the style of the rug.


Dining Room: Scot Meacham Wood usually takes the size of the surface of the table of the dining room and adds 6 feet to it. So, if your dining room table is 3′ x 6′ then start looking for a 9′ x 12′ rug. This is important since this will keep all four legs of your dining chairs on the rug, even if they are pulled away from the dining table.

For Living Rooms: Again here also you need to look at where the legs of your furniture land. The size of the rug must be chosen such that the front legs of all the furniture in the seating area are placed on the rug properly. Ideally, if the back legs of the furniture are also on the rug then it will help unify the space.

For Bedrooms: The best idea to go through for your bedroom is that more than half of your rug can be placed under your bed.

Another way to find the rug size for your bedroom is to measure the size of the bedroom and then subtract about 1½ feet from it. This will provide you with a 9 inch border of exposed floor on each side.

Rug Styles

Dining rooms are often governed with a large chairs and wooden table, so getting a pattern style adds the room with some interest. If your furnishings are already stuffed with heavy patterns then start looking for a rug that has a crafty pattern or a solid color.


Now for materials, the most important thing to keep in mind is about how hard you are going to be on the floors. Wool is more recommended because it will be the easiest to clean and maintain. Silk and viscose are also lovely which gives the room a marvelous look.