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Window Treatments – Blinds, Curtains And

Window Treatments – Blinds, Curtains And Shades

A decoration or a decorating element put on or around a window is known as window treatment. The main purpose behind this is to upgrade the beauty or aesthetics of the room and the window. Window treatments provide privacy and along with control the amount of natural light entering a room during daytime.

These work as insulators too keeping a room warm in winters and cool in summers. Usually window treatments are a part of the décor of the room and you can go for any from a simple to a luxurious one depending on your style preference and budget.

One of the most popular choices in blinds is wood blinds and faux wood blinds. Both these blinds can be got in a variety of stains, wood tones, whites and off-whites. They are easy to clean but the faux wood blinds are flame resistant and fade resistant that work best in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Wooden blinds leave no gaps and fit on the windows perfectly.  Roller and Roman shades are other options usually made of fabric and made in many styles. Fabric curtains can be quite decorative as far as the décor of the room is concerned. Curtains come in a very large range of textures, colors and designs.

Some can filter light through them while others are made with a lining for lasting durability, insulation and can block light completely. The choice of curtains depends on your personal choice as well as the color of the walls and type of furniture. Fancy rope tiebacks with tassels look great if you want the sunshine and fresh air coming in.