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Window Treatment Ideas To Dress Up Your

Window Treatment Ideas To Dress Up Your Windows

Window Treatment is an excellent way to control light or privacy or just to improve the look of any room. Window treatment ideas range from draperies to modern panels to streamlined shades.  Give a personalized effect by selecting colors and textures that express your lifestyle. This way you can instantly alter simple curtain panels into something extra ordinary with the window treatment ideas.

A modern decorating style is to add sheer blocks on the curtains that will allow light to enter into the room but will provide privacy too.  Big letters can be pasted on the curtains for a chic look. Children will love curtains with their names in big letters.

Quotes can also be written in the same way with stencils and then painted inside the lines. You can create a fun and unique idea by having buttons of different colors and sizes stitched on the curtains. Arrange the buttons in a certain pattern of your choice and paste them accordingly.

Another excellent idea is to make a fabulous window panel with colorful ribbons. Take ribbons of three or four colors in different sizes and secure them with an adhesive in horizontal and vertical stripes and embellish them with a beaded or lacey trim. Painting a nice floral or leaf design can also make the curtains a center of attraction. You can create a diamond border on the curtain in a contrasting color that can be very appealing.

Find a suitable window treatment idea that makes tremendous impact and best suits your space.