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Select the rug runner most suitable to

Select the rug runner most suitable to you

Rug runners, also known as carpet runners, typically are long narrow carpets/rugs which are primarily used in long narrow spaces like stairs. Naturally we see a vast difference between the area rug and the rug runner. Unlike focusing on a particular area or location, rug runners could cover a distance, which is why they form an excellent fabric to cover the stairs. Apart from having the properties of a rug, they are also flexible to fit in the folds of the stairs. The big advantage here with the rug runners on the stairs is, the big traction developed due to this fabric, thereby reducing accidents by slipping on the stairs.

Some of the major points to be kept in mind while selecting a rug runner for your apartment are listed here.

Application –

The rug runners are generally focused for being used on the stairs. However, their narrow dimension could also make them a good fit to be used in the hallways, kitchens, or any other narrow areas. Based on the application the type of material could be selected. Just as an example, it would be advisable to use synthetic material for kitchen usage, to avoid messy cleaning procedures, however, it would be advisable to use the natural material for hallways as they brighten them up with strong and vibrant colors.

Dimension –

The rug runners generally have fixed width, there are no standards, but there are very limited options when it comes to how wide they could be. However, the length is something which is under one’s control. Depending on the place one plans to use them, the length of the rug runners could be further customized.

Material and maintenance –

Just like the rugs, the rug runners, come in different materials, which could be broadly classified into natural and synthetic fibers. Considering the length of the rugs, a major thought needs to be put in this direction, as the longer the rug, the difficult it is to maintain it. This creates a paradox, as rug runners add finesse and beauty to the stairs, which are obtained through the strong, vibrant colors of the natural fibers, however, the difficulty towards maintenance, especially considerations towards stain and dust resistant make the synthetic fibers a more viable option. If the rugs are long, it’s generally advised to call for professional help.

Installation –

Installation of the rug runners along the stairs could be tricky proposition, which necessitates some thought on these lines. The two main ways to install the rugs on the stairs are by stapling them on to the stairs or by using the rods. Rods are quite traditional ones but also dangerous as there is a good chance that the rug might slip under the rod. Stapling is the commonly preferred fixing procedure, and sometime the rods are also used just as a decorative piece.

These are some of the major points to consider while buying such a rug runner. Apart from providing good traction, the rug runners are also useful for insulation against cold and sound. Complete with so many advantages the rug runners form an integral part when it comes to renovations and home décor.