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How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Covers?

How to Choose Outdoor Furniture Covers?

When the weather is very hot or very cold and it’s not possible to enjoy a relaxing time on the outdoor furniture, it is very much important to use outdoor furniture covers to keep the furniture protected. Environmental elements, like harsh sun, wind, rain and snow can damage the outdoor furniture over time, and the covers will do an exceptional job of protecting your investments.

Let us have a look at some of the factors that will allow you to choose the perfect outdoor furniture cover-

Material of the cover- As the covers will be directly facing the harsh elements of weather, it is better to choose high quality covers. They should be waterproof and if possible UV resistant as well. Poor quality outdoor furniture covers will not be able to last more than a few seasons and you will anyways have to replace them. Thus, even if the high quality covers are a little expensive, on the longer run they will save your money as they will last for years.

Size- While considering the size of the covers, it is better to go for custom-built covers as they will exactly match with the size of your furniture. If you choose smaller covers, they will not be able to cover the furniture completely and larger sizes can inflate with strong winds. Moreover, chances are they might completely blow off from the furniture.

Additional Features- While not a necessity, you can go for covers that come with additional features, like Velcro closures, elastic hems, leg ties, storage pockets, etc. There are also covers that come with piping on the ends which allow the water to move off the covers. There are also covers that feature air vents to reduce the condensation beneath the covers.

Thee points will ensure that your outdoor furniture is well-protected throughout the year. Make sure that you remember these tips while purchasing outdoor furniture covers.