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Points to note before purchasing a
designer carpet

Points to note before purchasing a designer carpet

Designer carpets help in decorating and providing warm feeling to the house according to your needs. Designer carpets vary in colour, shape and material. It is important to choose a carpet according to the floor size and layout. Here are some of the points to consider before purchasing a designer carpet.

Quality of the carpet.

Designer carpets might look beautiful to the eye but their quality might not be the best. So, ask the store owner for a STAINMASTER® carpet. STAINMASTER® is the name you should trust as it provides the finest and best quality carpet with warranties. STAINMASTER® provides three part technology namely 6, 6 nylon technology which prevents the carpet from crushing and colour fading. DuPont Advanced TEFLON® Protectant technology helps in clearing the dirt more easily using a vacuum cleaner and to resist liquid absorption.

This technology lasts longer than any other carpets protection technology. Antistatic technology helps in protecting the electronics. It protects the electronics from short circuits. Designer carpets are made using different materials such as from polyester, polypropylene but nylon is the best when it comes to carpets.


Density of the carpet also matters while purchasing a carpet as it provides comfort to the feet. If the density of the carpet is the best so is the quality of the carpet. Check the density of the carpet by folding in U shape. If the carpet bends very less then it has much density.

Colour of the carpet

If the room is small, try for carpets with light colours as it will make the room look bigger and opt dark colours for large rooms for the cozy effect. Try to purchase the carpet that suits your room décor. Make a note of the colour of your sofa, curtains, wallpapers to purchase a carpet that suits with the colouring of the room.


When you enter a carpet store, you will be presented with many labels of manufactures. To clear the confusion look for the carpets that have STAINMASTER® labelled to it.  STAINMASTER® labelled carpets are guaranteed to be the best in the particular range you wish to purchase.

Consider the lighting in the room.

If a room has plenty of sunlight opt for a designer carpet which is dark in colour and sunlight helps in bringing the undertones of the colour of the carpet. If rooms have minimum access to sunlight use light coloured carpets. You don’t want a room look much darker by placing a dark coloured carpet.

Purchasing a designer carpet

Purchase the designer carpet of highest grade with the money you can afford. Measure the size of the room and the layout and purchase accordingly.