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Black area rug for modern theme

Black area rug for modern theme

If you are a follower of modern look and you want to create that ultimate modern look in your place then hopefully this piece of writing may do something good for you.

Padding floor with black area rug

Normally rugs are a source of comfort and are placed to give extra support and padding. If you are interested in modern theme just pad your floor with black area rug. You can find numerous base materials for black area rug such as wool, synthetic, cotton, jute and sisal.

Sizes of rugs

8”*10”, 6”*9”, 9”*12*, 5”*8* are few sizes of rugs. Make sure to take a precise measurement of your room before choosing the right size. Black mostly gives trim and sleek look so buying a small size for a big room might give it a shrink look. However choosing medium to large sized rugs with bold prints can open a small place.

Actually numerous factors are involved when sizing. One such factor is furniture the other being decoration. If you are having a large room but limited furniture then a good sized black area rug will be giving a decorative cover to open places. Placing circular black area rug under a hanging light will make it focal and draws every body’s attention.

Creating modern look

Modern themes are very much in vogue especially in US. It is simple, convenient and super easy. Starting with wall color, keep the shades in neutral tone. Beige, white, ivory and cream white can be the prime options. Neutrality will make a perfect combo with black. Curtain is the next choice. Hanging black and white stripped curtains extending from ceiling to floor will add extra length to your room.

Valences and blinds can also be introduced for decorating windows in the same combination. One thing about black area rug is good that you can also infuse other color curtains to create an entirely different look. Last but not least comes the turn of the black area rug.

Placing black leather or black velvet sofas on black area rug will definitely bring the best feel out. If you are having any antique or a master piece then you need to place it on this attention drawing place. Some nice coffee tables pertaining to vintage era or latest designer’s modern collection can be beautifully show cased on black area rug under extensive lighting to give it ultimate designer modern theme.